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Participating in paid market research studies allows you the unique opportunity to have an impact on how the products and services you encounter everyday are developed. From providing feedback on a TV pilot, to taste testing a new chip flavor, you’ll have the chance to influence the latest concepts in development by the world’s largest brands.

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Years in Business

Taylor Research is one of the oldest and most trusted U.S. research firms.

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We’ve have the know-how to ensure you have a smooth and fun experience.

Payouts (In Millions)
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The amount that we’ve paid out to research panelists over the years.

Feedback is key

Honest, insightful user feedback is an essential factor in the product development process. Participate today and allow your unique viewpoint to be heard.

We value your time

Generous participation compensation is provided in exchange for your valuable time and opinions.

Many opportunities await

We help to conduct hundreds of in-person and online studies every year, all across the U.S.

Choose a panel

Consumer Panel

Our primary research panel. Provide feedback on various consumer goods and services in development such as food, tech, and vehicles.

Healthcare Panel

For healthcare professionals to provide feedback on the development of medical devices, pharmaceuticals and treatment concepts.

Business Panel

Business owners and executives can share their opinion on B2B services and products in development within their respective fields.

What people say

Get paid for your opinion. I love Taylor research! Could be a food tasting, or looking at and giving your thoughts on products. Easy money!
Saunie H.
Taylor Research Panelist VIA Google
This is a great company to do research with. I got payed for my honest opinions. There is no catch to it. You are paid to give your honest opinion which is great. The staff is very friendly.
Amy C.
Taylor Research Panelist via Yelp